#1 «Chicago» _ her favourite musical

#2 I am British. I am _ Great Britain.

#3 This letter is for Luke. Give it to _.

#4 — What’s your _? — I’m a manager.

#5 People usually start work on _.

#6 I am leaving for the JFK airport _ half past seven.

#7 What _ on Friday evenings?

#8 Sam _ a nice pair of shoes today.

#9 When I want to see a film, I go to the _.

#10 — What’s the time? — It’s half _ three.

#11 Last week we _ to the Central Park.

#12 The party was wonderful. The music was great and the guests

#13 «The Matrix» is the _ movie I have ever seen.

#14 This is Mary, my _. She is my brother’s daughter.

#15 They really _ a good time on holiday.

#16 If I _ to university, my parents will be really disappointed.

#17 Mr. Stowe _ to the yacht club since they moved here.

#18 Nowadays the problem of obesity has become urgent in many countries. People are getting _.

#19 She’s so _. Her feelings are easily hurt.

#20 Yesterday I had my oven _ — no wonder my mom is baking something today.

#21 Madonna _ a sightseeing tour of Budapest because she had been there before.

#22 The police will be here in five minutes. We _ be going.

#23 Oh, she looks so _. It’s disgusting.

#24 Corruption is a vice of the 21st century. And _ is one of its forms.

#25 She felt tired and hungry because she _ all day long without any break.

#26 _ in my seventies, I might consider dancing with you.

#27 If I were you, I _ it tomorrow.

#28 Most people are _ of the need to protect the environment.

#29 The country’s _ import is tea.